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Sun, Apr 07


Garden AMP

BBMAK VIP - Garden Grove

Come hang with BBMAK!

BBMAK VIP - Garden Grove
BBMAK VIP - Garden Grove

Time & Location

Apr 07, 2024, 3:00 PM PDT

Garden AMP, 12762 Main St, Garden Grove, CA 92840, USA

VIP Details

Unpredictable, Unplugged, & Up-Close VIP Experience

For those seeking a connection that goes beyond the stage lights and roaring crowds, step into an intimate setting that brings you face-to-face with BBMAK. This is an exclusive Pre-Show VIP experience where you will get to know your favorite British boy band on a personal level, combined with a soulful acoustic performance that will stir your emotions.

This Includes:

Intimate Acoustic Performance:

Feel the raw emotion and talent of the band as they deliver an exclusive acoustic performance. A stripped-down version of one of their hits will allow you to experience the music in its purest form.

Interactive Q&A Session:

Ever wanted to know the story behind a song? Or perhaps curious about life on the road? This is your moment. Engage in a relaxed Q&A session where the band opens up, sharing insights, stories, and laughs.

Personalized 8x10 Keepsake:

Cherish the memories with a personalized and signed 8x10 photo of the band. With each signature, be reminded of this unique day and the personal connection you established with the guys.

Memorable Photo Opportunity:

Get ready for your close-up! Bring your own camera or smartphone and capture a special moment with the band. Our designated staff member will ensure you get the perfect shot.

VIP Lanyard:

Wear your experience with pride! A VIP lanyard not only grants you access to this special event but also serves as a stylish memento of your unforgettable day.

The "Unpredictable, Unplugged, & Up-Close VIP Experience" is designed for genuine fans looking for a heartfelt and memorable interaction. It's not just a meet and greet, it's a deep dive into the world of your favorite boy band, fostering a connection that will be remembered for years to come. Embark on this journey and find yourself immersed in music, stories, and shared moments.

Back Here Snap Session

The music, the energy, the memories – they don’t have to end when the curtains close. Extend your concert experience with the “Back Here Snap Session"!

This Includes:

After-Show Meet:

Once the lights dim and the echoes of the encore fade, make your way to be greeted by the smiling faces of BBMAK. Revel in a few moments of post-show banter, share your concert highlights, and bask in the euphoria of the evening.

Group Selfie Moment:

Gather around, get close, and snap that perfect selfie with the band. Whether you’re capturing a candid laugh, a posed moment, or a fun filter-filled shot, this photo will be a treasured keepsake. And if you’re in the mood for a cozy embrace, the BBMAK boys are more than happy to give cuddles upon request! It's the perfect way to feel even closer to your favorite band.

Limited Availability:

This exclusive offering is limited to ensure each fan gets their personal moment with the band. Don't miss out on this intimate experience.

Additional Premium Add-On (available at the merch table):

Personalized Setlist Keepsake: For an extra $75, you get the setlist from the show. This isn’t just any setlist. Post-show, you'll receive a setlist taken right from the stage, bearing the traces of a live performance. When you get your selfie, your setlist will be personally signed by all BBMAK members and can be customized with your name or a short message, turning it into a unique artifact from your concert experience.

The “Back Here Snap Session" isn’t just a photo op; it’s a continuation of your concert night, an intimate bridge between fan and band, and a snapshot of memories that’ll last a lifetime. So, let the memories linger a little longer, capture the magic in pixels, and let your BBMAK concert story be one for the books! 

Team BBMAK Bullet Train - ONLY 2 per show

Dive deep into the realm of backstage magic with the "Team BBMAK Bullet Train." Instead of being just another face in the crowd, join the ranks of the band's most essential behind-the-scenes crew for a day. From hands-on tasks to up-close encounters with the band, this is a 360-degree immersion into the world of live music.

This includes:

Behind-the-Scenes Access:

Experience the show day from a unique vantage point. Witness firsthand the hustle and teamwork that goes into creating a flawless show, from sound checks to VIP setups.

Merchandise Maverick:

Step into the world of merch! Get a firsthand look at the exclusive tour merchandise and even lend a hand in the setup, organization, or sales.

VIP Assistant:

Lead fellow VIP members through exclusive areas and ensure they get the best out of their experience. Your badge gives you an important role through meet-and-greets, photo ops, and more.

Hang with BBMAK:

Enjoy moments of personal interaction with the band. Share stories, ask questions, or simply bask in the presence of your musical heroes.

Exclusive Team BBMAK Gift:

Show off your insider status with a specially designed Team BBMAK sling bag. This premium-quality bag, emblazoned with TEAM BBMAK, is not only practical but also a stylish memento of your unique experience.

Commemorative Team BBMAK Lanyard & Pass:

Wear your exclusive access around your neck with pride. Beyond the event, this becomes a keepsake, a memory of your day as an integral part of Team BBMAK.

Band Care Insider:

Get a sneak peek into how the band relaxes and prepares before the show. Maybe it's a special tea they drink, or perhaps a pre-show ritual. Be part of these intimate moments that very few get to witness. 

The "Team BBMAK Bullet Train" isn't just another VIP pass; it's an enlistment into the heart and soul of the Boy Band world. If you've ever wondered about the electricity and rhythm that pulses backstage, this is your passport. Be more than a fan. Be a part of the show. Join Team BBMAK for a day you'll never forget.

Still on Your Side Serenade

Ever dreamed of your favorite boy band singing just for you? Imagine being at the center of harmonious melodies, swayed by the enchanting voices of BBMAK. With our "Still on Your Side Serenade", you're not just a fan in the audience; you're the muse for a moment that lasts a lifetime.

This includes:

Private Serenade Session After the Show:

Step into an intimate setting away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd. Here, the stage is set just for you, and the spotlight (selfie light) shines brightly.

Personalized Song Selection:

Choose the song that resonates with your heart from a curated list of three unforgettable hits. Hear the band breathe new life into it, their voices harmonizing and singing a dedicated segment of your chosen song, making the lyrics uniquely yours.

Memorable Filming:

Hand over your phone to us to film, ensuring the perfect angles and sound quality as this priceless memory is captured. Relive this special serenade whenever you wish.

Commemorative Merchandise:

Take home a limited-edition "Serenade" button ensuring you wear and carry the memories of this day wherever you go. This is not just a VIP opportunity; it's a doorway to an emotional journey. 

The "Still on Your Side Serenade” promises a personal connection, a heart-touching performance, and a memory that echoes through time. Book now and let the music transcend barriers, creating an everlasting bond between you and the band.

Spotlight Serenade

Ever dreamt of sharing the limelight with BBMAK? Your dream can now turn into reality! With the “Spotlight Serenade", you will step into the glow of the stage lights and be serenaded by the band in front of an adoring crowd.

This Includes:

Curated Song Selection:

BBMAK will choose one of their unforgettable hits. Hear the band breathe new life into it, their voices harmonizing and singing a dedicated segment of the chosen song, making the lyrics uniquely yours.

Center Stage Serenade:

As the familiar chords of your chosen song begin to play, prepare to be escorted onto the stage. Bask in the moment as BBMAK dedicates and serenades the song to you, making you the star of the evening.

Memorable Keepsake:

Once the melodies fade and the applause rings out, you won't leave the experience empty-handed. You'll be gifted the setlist from the concert, signed by all the band members, immortalizing your special moment.

Capture the Magic:

To ensure you remember every second, someone will capture your onstage moment for you with your cell phone. Perfect for framing or sharing on social media.

Exclusive Availability:

This is the pinnacle of concert exclusivity. Only ONE "Spotlight Serenade" experience is available per show, making it one of the most sought-after and unique offerings for BBMAK fans.

The "Spotlight Serenade" is not just an onstage appearance; it’s an immersion, a personal connection, and a shared moment in time that will forever echo in your heart. Seize your chance, step into the spotlight, and let BBMAK's melodies wrap around you in a live concert embrace like never before! 

*A concert ticket is required for entry into the VIP. The Meet and Greet ticket does NOT include a ticket to the show. To purchase tickets, go to


  • BBMAK VIP - Garden Grove

    Unpredictable, Unplugged, & Up-Close VIP Experience - Pre-Show VIP Meet and Greet with BBMAK at the Pop2000 Tour!

    Tax: +$13.13 CA Tax+$4.08 service fee
    Sale ended
  • Back Here Snap Session

    Meet BBMAK after the show and take a photo!

    Tax: +$6.13 CA Tax+$1.90 service fee
    Sale ended
  • Team BBMAK Bullet Train

    Join Team BBMAK for the day!

    Tax: +$61.25 CA Tax+$19.03 service fee
    Sold Out
  • Still on Your Side Serenade

    Private serenade from BBMAK after the show!

    Tax: +$19.69 CA Tax+$6.12 service fee
    Sale ended
  • Spotlight Serenade

    On stage serenade from BBMAK during the show! Only one available per show.

    Tax: +$28.44 CA Tax+$8.84 service fee
    Sold Out



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